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The Die Healthier Podcast

Apr 21, 2019

We spoke with one of the best and most accomplished lifters in the world, Jen Thompson. 

Jen is a world record holding powerlifter, high school math teacher, and mother of two. 

We spoke with her all about powerlifting. 

You can find her on her website:

and on Instagram and...

Apr 15, 2019

We speak with track coach, and author of the book "The Sprinter's Compendium" about many topics related to sprinting and strength training, as well as some very valuable life lessons. 

Ryan is an extremely smart and gifted sprint coach and if you are in anyway involved with athletes this is a must listen episode. 


Apr 8, 2019

We spoke with Gerry DeFilippo on a lot of strength training topics including the side many of us are weary of; business and making money. 

Gerry gave us a ton of practical tips and ways to increase and sustain your business model. 

You can connect with him on twitter @Challenger_ST and by email

Apr 3, 2019

We spoke with Dr. Long on several areas, including movement analysis, posture, the role of strength training in the recovery process, and the current and future states of the physical therapy and chiropractic professions. 

You can learn more about what Dr. Long does on his website